Robert Mosolgo


Data Fetching with GraphQL and ActionCable

RubyConf Colombia, September 2, 2016

An introduction to GraphQL and an application in Rails GraphQL is a tool for simplifying client-server communication. Transporting data over ActionCable brings new possibilities for live updates and incremental data loading.

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Testing Your Code

Full Stack North County, October 8, 2015

Testing will make you happy! Meet the basic ideas of unit testing. A good test suite makes your life easier: you write less bugs and you can modify code more confidently. Testing pain also reveals design flaws, so testing-as-you-go is a good approach!

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Flux: React Goes Big

Full Stack North County, March 12, 2015

Flux as a macrocosm of React’s one-way data flow. One thing I love about React.js is how its one-way data flow provides simplicity and clarity to components. Flux has the same advantage: it brings one-way data flow to your application architecture. I describe key concepts in Flux in terms of analogous concepts in React.

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Full Stack North County, November 13, 2014

A conceptual introduction to the Ruby language. Ruby is fun and powerful because it puts you in charge. You can inspect and modify your program at runtime. Also, we explore mruby (a Ruby implementation with a small footprint) and how we can connect C code and Ruby code.

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