Robert Mosolgo

To my knowledge, batman.js is not maintained. For that reason, I don't suggest that you use it for a new project!

Debugging Keypaths in Batman.js Views

Debugging can be tedious, especially when cntl-R is your only resort for trying new options. Instead, use batman.js’s $context function to access the context of a specific node.

As I’m working with batman.js views, I use this technique for debugging in the browser: In Chrome, you can right-click, “Inspect element”, which makes the highlighted node available as $0 in the console. Then, pass $0 to $context (which is a secret function created by batman.js) and it will return the batman.js view context for that node.

For example:

// right-click an element, select "Inspect Element"
ctx = $context($0)           // => the view where $0 was rendered
ctx.get('node')              // => DOM node for the view
ctx.get('superview')         // => superview for this view (helpful for iteration/iterator views)
ctx.get('controller')        // => controller that rendered the view
ctx.get('controller.posts')  // => values set on the controller

Now, isn’t that better!