Robert Mosolgo

Being the Judge

I was just pondering whether a person ought to have children or not. It’s funny when I try to be the judge.

Propagation of the human race is a funny business. There’s no test for it. You don’t even have to get a license, like you do for driving or for getting married. You just … do it. Even if you think about it carefully and make the decision with solemnity, that’s no guarantee of the outcome. You might just get a rascal and there’s nothing to be done about it.


I often find myself assessing whether something is good or bad, right or wrong, whether its something in my life, or something out in the world, or just an idea of this or that. In the end, I don’t believe that I make a great judge: I don’t have all the information, I’m short-sighted and I’m lacking in perception and wisdom.

I realized just now that in a way, it’s just not my role to judge. I think that’s the meaning of “Don’t separate the wheat from the weeds, I’ll do that at harvest time”. A person’s job is to live a human life according to God’s call. Generally, this means extending patience, forgiveness & guidance in deference to God’s judgements on his appointed day.

It’s like…

It’s like in a movie when a boy finds that the CEO’s office is unlocked. He tiptoes to the tall, wide desk. He climbs into the big leather chair and gives it a swing to the right and left. He helps himself to a pen and practices his signature on the company letterhead. “Very nice!”

Of course, the door clicks again. It’s the boss. With a downward flick of his finger, he signals for the boy to get down. Although the boy likes the feeling of the big chair, he’s not fit for the duties of CEO.

My Role

This is freeing. I’m prone to getting caught up in matters of judgement that are, in fact, beyond me. I would do well to determine the way that the Lord has put before me and walk it, leaving executive decisions to the executive. Throughout history and in my experience, he has proven worthy of that trust.

Certainly it’s good to try to understand the world, but when you come up short, that’s OK. The boss has the whole plan in mind and he’s checked the accounts twice. It’s going to add up! Fulfill your duties to the utmost!