Robert Mosolgo

Introducing GraphQL::Pro

graphql-ruby is almost two years old! Today, I’m adding a new element to the project, GraphQL::Pro.

I have three goals with GraphQL::Pro:

  1. Provide robust, easy-to-use integrations with third-party tools
  2. Open a formal feedback loop with teams using GraphQL
  3. Prevent open-source burnout

Additionally, I’m starting a GraphQL Ruby newsletter.


Today, GraphQL::Pro provides some integrations with third-party tools:

As time goes on, I’ll keep an eye out for other integrations that could be included in GraphQL::Pro. (If you have a suggestion, I’d love to hear it!)

Feedback Loop

Some teams adopt GraphQL as a foundational element of their application. I’d like to provide them service (and peace of mind) as they build on that investment. GraphQL::Pro customers have my ear for any performance issues, bugs or feature requests. They also have an assurance that I’ll continue to maintain and improve graphql-ruby.

Prevent Burnout

I really enjoy working on graphql-ruby and I’m excited about the work to be done in 2017. But it’s no secret that open-source work can become an unrewarding, thankless grind. Charging money for GraphQL::Pro provides me with a simple, concrete “reward” to continue the work. I hope this will be good for me, for the project, and for others who are invested in the project.

Buying GraphQL::Pro

If any of this sounds good to you, you can buy GraphQL::Pro at !